Ben Cator Glass

My adventures with glass began in the summer of 2011 while I was living in Whistler, BC and attending the annual Great Canadian Glass Gathering for the second time. Once I was given the ability to touch glass to a flame for the first time I was absolutely addicted and haven’t looked back. I quickly moved down to VanCity where I could be surrounded by more glass and where I knew people actively working in the industry. 

I made the choice to walk away from a lot to focus on my passion for glassblowing, and it has been a continuous roller coaster of emotion and passion ever since. I am thankful every day for the ability to make my dreams with borosilicate come to life on the torch and for the support I've had along the way from my customers, and most of all my family. I'm very curious to see where this adventure takes me in this constantly growing and expanding scene of pipe making


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