5 Great Bongs Under $75

Posted by Puff Pipes on 7/10/2018
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5 Great Bongs Under $75

Acrylic Bubble Bong

If you’re not looking to make a big investment then an acrylic bong is perfect for you. This cheaper alternative to glass and silicone looks cool and it comes in a wide selection of different colours. This lightweight bong won’t break easily and it’s removable base makes cleaning simple. Plus, it’s 2 feet in length will have you making some huge clouds.

Price: $30.95

Height: 24”

Colours: Pink, Yellow, Orange, Clear, Green, Blue, White, Opaque Blue, Opaque Green, Red, Black, Ice Blue, Silver.

Soft Glass Striped Bong

Soft glass bongs are also a popular choice when it comes to low-cost smoking devices. This version comes with a slide bowl which gets less stuck than glass on glass connections. The bong has a classic aesthetic, and weighing in at 2 pounds it provides users with a heavy duty feel. Clocking in at only 12 inches tall, this bong is perfect for any type of smokers collection.

Price: $39.95

Height: 12”

Colours: Blue, Green, Red, White

Silicone Straight Bong

This silicone bong features a 14mm bowl with a glass on glass connection. Diffuser stem which perculates water to give more filtration. More filtration = smoother hits. Both durable and portable, a silicone bong is perfect for those pesky festival campgrounds that ban glass items.

Price: $44.95

Height: 14”

Colours: Black, Green, Blue, Purple

Hydros Mini Bong

If you’re looking for something on the smaller side, these 6.5” tall mini bongs are perfect. Made by Hydros (so you know it’s good), the mini bong is an ideal size for converting it to a dab rig. Its tiny stature gives it a smaller smoke capacity so you can clear your hits. Simply get a 14mm quartz bowl or titanium nail and you’ll have yourself a nice little concentrate bong.

Price: $54.95

Height: 6.5”

Colours: Amber, Black, Blue, Green, Mint, Purple, Slime, White, Yellow, Smoke, Lake Green

Hi Guy Medium Wall Bong

This Canadian made bong is fashioned in the classic style and created by Hi Guy. Hi Guy has a history of creating high-quality functional glass pieces for 20+ years. Dedicated, precise and striving for perfection, Hi Guy Glass has become a staple in the BC glass scene. This 15” piece comes with thick 44mm glass and a removable glass slide bowl.

Price: $69.95

Height: 15”

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