Glass Alchemy Cobalt 4 Rod (Per Pound).  ­­­­GA-COB4
Glass Alchemy Cobalt 4 Rod (Per Pound). ­­­­GA-COB4

Glass Alchemy Cobalt 4 Rod (Per Pound). ­­­­GA-COB4

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Part Number:­­­­GA-COB4
Glass Alchemy Cobalt 4 Rod (Per Pound)
Product Details:
The fourth darkest of the six Glass Alchemy Cobalt colors, Cobalt-4, 514 was designed to provide artists with the ideal cobalt blue for small blown work and old skool surface work.
Working Tip: Work in neutral flame to avoid reduction (gray streaks).
Artist Description by Mike Shelbo:
"Cobalt 4 is a choice color for applications that will be blown out thin or when the color is all on the surface.
This color is still light enough to see through when the thickness of color is 8mm or less. Over reduction with heavy propane flame will leave minor grey streaks but working with a neutral flame will prevent this from happening.
This is a great color to encase other colors with and pull into smaller cane. Try encasing Paparazzi with this color and pull stringers out for a nice subtle tint. Use this technique over opaques and Crayon colors for a variety of new possibilities." - Mike Shelbo
Product Specifications:
Each rod is 20 inches long and approximately 7mm in diameter.

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