Leash Glass

I always knew I would turn out to be some kind of artist, but no medium ever grasped my attention untill I started manipulating glass in 2006. The very first time i put a rod of glass in the flame, a calm washed over me and I knew what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. Being a self taught lampworker, I wanted to create my own style instead of learning someone else's, so decided to take the hard route. Things took a little longer to figure out, but always with great excitement and fun! . 

In 2012, glassblowing became my full time focus, going from owning a glass gallery in vancouver to travelling to festivals with a mobile studio to now residing on the Sunshine Coast busting out pipes and marbles and creatures made from boroscilicate/my imagination.

Everyday I get excited to see what I end up creating and to watch myself refine my skills to get better at this incredible, unlimited art.
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