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Molten Aura Telemagenta Rod (Per Pound).  MAL-TELE

Molten Aura Telemagenta Rod (Per Pound). MAL-TELE

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Molten Aura Telemagenta Rod (Per Pound)
Telemagenta is a gorgeous magenta AuraTone™. This is a saturated gold-based color that self-strikes and looks good in any light. It works smoothly in a wide range of flame types. Radiant, or “incidental” heat will enhance the inner glow. So the thicker a section is, and the more it is worked/sculpted/roasted, the more Aura will develop. This color is slightly stiffer than clear and requires higher temperatures for proper annealing. Garage often and give the piece plenty of soak time based on its size and shape. Recommended Garage/Anneal temp 1085°F

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