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Puff / Phresha Rolling Tray Large.  PUFF-TRAY-2L
Puff / Phresha Rolling Tray Large. PUFF-TRAY-2L

Puff / Phresha Rolling Tray Large. PUFF-TRAY-2L

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Puff / Phresha Metal Rolling Tray Large
Phresha was born with a crayon in her hand. This mischievous child of colour currently resides on the Canadian west coast in sunny Vancouver BC. College educated in graphic design & advertising and deeply influenced by graffiti aesthetics, Phresha works in a variety of media ranging from conventional mediums like ink and paint to found objects and salvaged scraps of back alleys.
Sultry, curvaceous vixens with ice cream cones are often found frolicking with moustached kittens and other wild creatures . Her work can be described as vibrant, playful and sometimes scandalous, organic flows with seductive female forms and whimsical undertones.
Phresha's art has been featured in numerous galleries across Canada and the USA, as well as various print publications such as Curvy (Au), DPi (Taiwan) and Semi Permanent (Au), and featured in a documentary "Creative Violation - The rebel art of the Street Stencil" in 2007. Currently, Phresha is focusing on gallery shows, commission work and sampling all the delicious sushi down the coast.
  • Space Kitty
  • 11.5" x 14"


Puff Grinder 4pc 2.2

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