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Part Number:R-SCR-500B
Randy's 0.5" Brass Mesh Screens 
Randy's Mesh Screens are a simple and effective filtration system created with the highest grade of materials available to ensure an elevated smoking experience for any user. Randy's stainless steel screens guarantee uninterrupted air flow while keeping your precious herb exactly where it belongs. Stainless steel is an unmatched material that is known for its high melting point. This is what makes it so durable when undergoing constant temperature changes. Randy's screen jars pack 36 packs of screens, each pack of brass mesh screens comes with 20 individual screens for use in most glass, metal, ceramic, silicone, or wood smoking pieces.

Randy's Screens Features:
  • Size: 0.5"
  • Jar Holds 36 Screen Packs
  • Each Pack has 20 Screens
  • Brass Mesh 
How it Works:
  • Simply take 1 mesh screen and mold it to fit perfectly within the bottom of the bowl of your favourite piece.
  • Place your favourite dry herb right on top and you are ready to enjoy a debris free smoking experience!

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