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Part Number:RYO-AXE-2
RYOT™ SmellSafe™ AxePack 14" with StickStop™

"This upgraded rendition of the ever popular RYOT™ AxePack is a feature laden case equipped with both SmellSafe™ technology and our new StickStop™ application. In addition to the storage capabilities and scent resistance of its predecessors, the StickStop™ AxePack adds an integrated silicone surface to its removable foam insert. This convenient improvement ensures that no matter where life may take your AxePack, you'll always have a safe spot for even the stickiest of accessories.Beyond its stick and scent resistance, the new StickStop™ AxePack features an upgraded, microfiber-lined memory style foam. This new configuration is a definite step up in protection and, when its gap free design is combined with a microfiber fabric, cleaning has never been easier.

When all of these great design aspects come together, you're left with the most versatile case on the market tucked into a conveniently compact body."

  • SmellSafe™ zipper and carbon application provides a scent resistant enclosure
  • StickStop™ silicone integration for sticky accessories
  • Lid loaded with space for a wide array of accessories
  • Heavily padded enclosure designed specifically for glass
  • Locking zipper
  • Shoulder Strap
  • Dimensions: 14" x 6.5" x 5"

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