One Hitters: What, Why, and the Different Types

Posted by Puff on 4/23/2018
One Hitters: What, Why, and the Different Types

What is a one hitter?

A one hitter is a small-scale pipe with a small bowl that is intended and utilized for a single inhalation, or one hit. It ordinarily holds around 25 milligrams of marijuana. Despite the fact that you might be more comfortable in public with a one hitter that resembles a cigarette, there are a couple of various conventional styles of one hitter pipes.

Why do people use one hitters?

Discreet, Less smelly, economizes supply, very portable.

Different Types of One Hitters

Ryot Taster Bat W/Spring Ejector

The RYOT Spring Taster Bat makes it easy to empty your taster. All you have to do is fill your bowl, push down tenderly to appreciate a mid-smoke stir when you are done just fully press it to remove the ash. At 3" long, these bats are perfect with all RYOT Large Magnetic Taster Boxes, and are a sharp and useful staple for any smoker. The Ryot Taster Bat has a sturdy wooden construction, made to stop heat transfer, fits all large standard RYOT Taster Boxes.

Large Metal Cigarette Bat

The Large Metal Cigarette Bat is manufactured from top grade metal and outlined to look like a cigarette for discreet utilization. The Large Metal Cigarette Bat has a discreet Cigarette Design, lessens Tobacco Consumption, Strong Metal Construction and its Perfect with Most Dugouts.

Large Ceramic Cigarette Bat

These High-Quality Ceramic Cigarette One Hitters will give you a smooth Smoking One Hitter Cigarette Pipe. This Large Ceramic Cigarette Bat will fit inside Dugout Pipes.

Glass Bat

The Standard Glass bat is about as essential as you can get in glass one hitters. It features an all clear glass with a standard sized bowl and will fit in most large dugouts. Glass one hitters give a much smoother hit than customary metal bats. The Glass Bat also has a conventional shape and size.

RYOT 9mm Slim Anodized Aluminum Smoke Reducer Bat

These RYOT 9mm Anodized Aluminum one hitter tester bats are accessible in varying colours to fit with any dugout. It has new Stylish Cigarette-Style Design, Strong Anodized Aluminum Construction, 9mm Diameter, compatible with RYOT Large Dugouts.

RYOT Large Blue Acrylic Bat

The RYOT Acrylic Taster Bats make an ideal counterpart with the RYOT Taster Boxes. Since they're made of acrylic, they are substantially cooler to the touch while being used compared to the standard metal bats.

The RYOT Large Blue Acrylic Bat has a Solid Acrylic Construction, Accessible in a Variety of Colors, Accessible in Large and Small, Fits for Large Size Dugouts/Taster Boxes, fits correctly with RYOT Taster Boxes.

Large Anodized Bat

The Large Anodized Metal Taster Bats gives you an easy way to hold your loose tobacco, restrict intake and be prudent. Every large metal bat highlights a ribbed surface for non-slip hold and measures 3" long. These bats match with most large dugouts and tester boxes and are also available in varying colours.

RYOT Large Black and White Acrylic Bat

This RYOT Bat is the ideal supplement for your tester box or a significant advancement to your standard bat. It has a durable acrylic exterior with full metal airway and fits all standard dugouts.

Short Brass Bat

This is a small metal cigarette one hitter bat. The Short Brass Bat has a diameter of 1/4" at the top ribbed section and 1/8" at bottom section.

Ceramic Cigar

The Fuma is a well made high-fire porcelain cigar hand pipe which has the looks of a genuine cigar. The Fuma is otherwise known for their Slim Classic infrastructure. Built to resemble the hand-moved Havana cigars, each Fuma cigar pipe is carefully assembled, strong and delightful.

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